When children are first starting to learn the game of baseball, well meaning coaches often tell their kids to swing at anything.

While this may be great advice for younger baseball players learning to make contact, older baseball players need to learn plate discipline. But how do you teach that? D-BAT – the leader in baseball training facilities across the United States – recommends 3 tactics to teach plate discipline:

1. Take it to the Classroom

Before the season starts, take a day to train your players on what the strike zone looks like – without being on the field. Take it indoors, and show video of pitches. Have your players distinguish between strikes and balls. Once you feel comfortable with their knowledge of the strike zone, then move to hands-on training.

2. Red vs. Blue

The goal is to get your players used to the idea of hitting some balls – and letting others go. Teach plate discipline by throwing red and blue colored balls at your players in batting practice. Tell them they are to hit the red ones, but let the blue ones go. The more comfortable they are with this concept, the stronger they will be at making wise batting decisions.

3. Watch the Pitcher

Naturally, some pitchers are better than others at throwing in the zone. A good coach will evaluate how often the pitcher throws a strike and can then tell his or her player how to bat and manage plate discipline. For example, if a pitcher consistently throws balls, you may direct your batter to “take the pitch” more often than not.

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