Baseball players of all skill levels – professionals and little leaguers alike – know the importance of a strong throwing arm. Weak muscles and improper stretching can lead to inaccurate throws, or worse, injury like dead arm syndrome.

Try this baseball drill to improve arm strength and accuracy. It requires a partner for each baseball player and each step should be done in order to maximize baseball arm strength development:

Step 1: Wrist Throw

Stand shoulder-width apart, across from your partner. Lift your throwing arm up over your head at a 90 degree angle, holding the elbow secure with your baseball gloved hand. Using just the wrist, throw the ball to your partner.

Step 2: Sitting Forearm Throw

Take a seat and hold arm up, just like Step 1. Holding the elbow secure with the gloved hand, use the entire forearm to throw the ball to your partner.

Step 3: Hip Rotation Development

Remain seating and practice throwing from your hips. The focus of this step is on the hip rotation. As you throw the ball, use the proper hip and torso rotation to direct your baseball throw.

Step 4: Follow-through Development

Take a knee and throw as if you are standing. Focus on the hip rotation and follow-through after the throw. After throwing, the throwing arm should fall down to the raised knee.

Step 5: Dead Leg Throw

Stand as you would normally throw with your gloved arm facing your partner. Complete the throw as accurately as possible without stepping or moving feet at all.

Step 6: Crow Hop Throw

Put more distance between you and your partner, then repeat the steps above, this time adding crow hop as you throw. Crow hops should be lateral – not vertical –as to maximize momentum when throwing. 

Step 7: Fast Pass Throw

Baseball players must be nimble and able to get a baseball throw off quickly. Throw the ball back and forth with your partner as many times as you can in a minute, focusing on quick, accurate throws.

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