It’s a simple hashtag, and to the outside world, might seem like someone is paying homage to his hometown.

For college baseball fans, it can only mean one thing: the College World Series.

But why is the College World Series played in Omaha, Nebraska?

D-BAT Sports was curious so we dug up some facts on the College World Series:

The College World Series, which dates back to 1947, is the premier college baseball event. With a name derived from the Major League Baseball World Series, the College World Series is an NCAA Division I spectacle that takes place every June.

The first College World Series took place in Kalamazoo, Michigan (1947). In 1949, the location moved to Wichita, Kansas, before making its final home in Omaha, Nebraska in 1950.

Several businessmen in Omaha, led by Johnny Rosenblatt, were very instrumental in bringing the College World Series to their town. They saw it as the perfect way to showcase their town to the world, put the event in a centralized location, and bring in revenue for their city.

However, by 1964, the College World Series was proving to be a drain on the city – losing money 9 of the 14 years it had been played there. In 1967, a local businessman by the name of Jack Diesing was thrown into the role of overseeing the event. At that time, he didn’t know a thing about college baseball, but he did know how to create a successful business. Under his leadership, the College World Series Inc. was created – designed to use local volunteers to promote and sell the event to the world. Sure enough, the event has been a moneymaker for the City of Omaha ever since.

Until 2010, the event was held at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, named for the mayor who paved the way. In 2011, the TD Ameritrade Park Omaha became the event location. Contracts have been signed for Omaha to host the event until 2035.

Omaha has become a beloved baseball venue for baseball fans everywhere – those of us at D-BAT Sports included!

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