As a pitcher, one of your most important skills is being able to pitch the ball with speed. Feeling like your speed is lacking? D-BAT Sports has the best pitching coaches in Texas and we’ve got 6 ways you can start pitching faster today. Read on –

1. Fix your Mechanics

If you want to get better at something, then practice makes perfect. Work with a professional pitching coach to determine where your mechanics could use improvement. Remember that it’s not just about your arm; the entire body should be in sync, creating velocity toward the target.

2. Hold the Ball Correctly

When pitching a fastball, the tips of the middle and index fingers lightly hold the ball, while your wrist is relaxed. Practicing this grip over and over will increase arm strength and velocity.

3. Focus on the Fastball

Young pitchers need to be performing 90% fastballs, with just 10% of the pitches being breaking balls or curveballs. In fact, throwing too many different types of pitches may actually make your arm slower!

4. Incorporate Weighted Balls in Off-Season

If used correctly, you will definitely see an increase in pitching speed if using weighted balls to train! This should be never be done during the regular season and is best to do under professional instruction, as to not injure your arm.

5. Add Weightlifting to your Routine

Weightlifting builds arm strength, muscle balance, and increases explosiveness – all things that a pitcher is going to need if he’s going to throw a fastball! Don’t be afraid to bulk up and see positive results on the speed of your throws.

6. Strengthen the Rotator Cuff Muscles

In addition to regular weightlifting, incorporate specialized exercise that focuses on the rotator cuff – the group of small muscles that are vital to throwing velocity. Strengthening the rotator cuff muscles involves light weight training combined with repetition.

Ready to work with a professional pitching coach in Texas? Visit a D-BAT Sports near you today!