If you are unfamiliar with baseball, then it’s easy to assume that there is a one-size-fits-all solution for baseball gloves. Just pick one that your child’s hand fits into and you’re good to go, right?

D-BAT Sports – the premier baseball training academy in the country - is here to tell you that is not the case. Here are 2 questions you should ask yourself when shopping for a new baseball glove:

What Position Does the Player Play?

This may be difficult to determine if your child is just starting out in rec baseball, but as players get older and more seasoned at baseball, they start to be groomed for specific positions. As a general rule of thumb, infielders will use a smaller glove than outfielders. These gloves are thinner, more lightweight than an outfielders glove. Why? Because an infielder will need to be able to think quickly, transferring the ball from the glove to the throwing hand quickly and efficiently. A light, compact glove helps tremendously with this and prevents the issue of losing the ball in the glove.

Beyond that, you’ll find that a first baseman’s glove is a little larger and more “mitt-like” than the rest of the infield only because he’s traditionally making a lot of catches and fewer quick throws. Catchers will also well a specifically designed mitt with extra padding.

How Old is the Player?

Determining the age of your child is a good place to start in terms of glove size. Beyond that, check with your individual league on league requirements, as they can vary. You can also use the following information as a guideline purely based on age (measured from top middle of glove to bottom heel of glove):

  • 3-6 Year Olds
    • No position specialization
    • Glove size between 8.5” – 10”
  • 7-12 Year Olds
    • Infielder: 10.25” – 11.5”
    • First Baseman: 11.5” – 12”
    • Outfielder: 11.5” – 12.25”
  • 12 Year Olds
    • Infielder: 11.25” – 12”
    • First Baseman: 12” – 13”
    • Outfielder: 12” – 12.75”

If you’re ready to purchase a new baseball glove, visit your local D-BAT Sports baseball training facility today to speak with the experts in our pro-shop. We can help you purchase the perfect baseball glove for your child’s success!