As the Fall baseball season begins to wind down, more emphasis is put on training and getting ready for the Spring season.

At D-BAT Sports, we see a rise in the number of players coming out to use our indoor batting cages this time of year, and so we wanted to offer some food-for-thought on how to maximize that time:

1. Start at Slower Speeds

When using the batting cages for the first time, try the pitching machine at a slower speed and work up as you practice. Starting with slower speeds allows you to focus on mechanics and removes the knee-jerk reaction to swing fast at anything coming at you. If there is no ability to adjust the speed on the machine, make sure that you choose a machine with a speed similar to what an actual pitcher throws during a game.

2. Practice Rhythm

A great way to improve the timing and rhythm of your swing is to practice batting with a no-stride batting approach. This method teaches you to wait on the right timing of the ball, and prevents you from jumping at the ball early.

3. Don’t Use Your Gameday Bat

Have an alternate bat on hand that you use for prolonged batting practice in the cages. While it’s good to get some reps in with your gameday bat, too much practice can cause wear and tear, particularly to wooden bats, making your batting less effective.

4. Create Markers

When batting in a batting cage, it can be difficult to determine what is a fair ball, foul ball, line drive, etc. Set up markers on the batting cage to determine the first and third bases, along with targets on the back of the cage to distinguish line drives. Not only will this help gauge effectiveness, it makes batting in a cage more fun! 

Need to work on your swing in the batting cages this week? Visit your local D-BAT Sports – the premier baseball training academy in the country – to schedule a time to come practice with us.