What does it take to make it in the big league?

As a company who has built itself on training the best baseball players around, we frequently get a lot of questions about the MLB draft and what it takes to make it there.

Read on to learn more from D-BAT Sports, the best baseball training facility in Texas:

What Characteristics are Scouts Looking For?

Across the board, all scouts grade players on the following baseball skills:

1. Arm Strength: How far/how accurately can you throw?
2. Speed: What is your running form? How fast are you?
3. Fielding: Is your footwork any good?
4. Hit: Are you a consistent hitter?
5. Hit for Power: How powerful are those hits? This one is probably the most coveted skill, and one that all scouts value very highly.

Must I Possess All of these Skills to be Drafted?

Here’s the good news: no. It is rare for an organization to evaluate a player and deem him to be highly rated in all 5 categories. Generally speaking, a player will be phenomenal in 3 – maybe 4 – with the other categories average.

Does an Average Player Have a Chance in MLB?

More good news: yes! While there will always be the standout players, scouts are looking for guys who are consistent. Who can play a well-rounded game of baseball, consistently running average to above-average on fielding, hitting, and all aspects of the game.

Are Scouts Looking for Specific Things at Various Positions?

It’s hard to speak for all scouts, but here are some of the specific skills that are desired for certain position players:

Pitcher: Mechanics are the name of the game here. How consistent is he? What does his form look like? He is a strong, all-around athlete?

Catcher: Must be able to call the game himself, controlling the run game while he’s doing it. Hitting is less important when evaluating catchers.

Infielders: Arm strength, strong defensive skills, and footwork all all important. Hitting is less important for middle infielders; corner infielders should be able to hit well – preferably with power.

Outfielders: Hitting is the most important attribute here. Sure, fielding is important, but an average fielder with above average hitting is desirable.