Wood bats are used by the pros and sold here at D-BAT Sports. As much as people want to buy the bats and use them, there are often a lot of questions about how to use them, how they are different, etc. so here’s a little rundown on a few things you might not know about wood baseball bats:

The Ink Spot on your Maple Bat Means Something.

Have you ever inspected your maple bat and thought, “what is this ink spot above the handle?” The ink spot is valuable indeed. It might not make you hit better, but it does mean that your maple bat has been carefully inspected to ensure that the maple used in your bat is only of the highest quality. D-BAT Sports uses only the best hard rock maple (sugar maple) on the market to produce the best maple bats on the market.

Adding a Grip is a Matter of Personal Preference.

Some say adding a grip to their wood bat gives them a competitive advantage and minimizes the sting, othrs prefer to feel the wood between their hands. Either way, it’s a matter of preference. If you do add a grip, the most common options are either Lizard Skins, athletic tape, or pine tar.

Hit with the Label Facing Up or Down.

Wood bat manufacturers place the label for the wood bats on the weakest part of the wood grain, so that is not where you want to hit the ball! Position your bat so that when you hit the ball, the label is facing up or down, which means you will hit with the strongest part of the grain on the side of the bat. We can hear the crack of your homerun already! 

Compress the Wood on your Ash Bat.

If you purchase an ash baseball bat, which is great for adding zip to your swing, consider compressing the wood in a process called boning a baseball bat. Basically, you just roll the bat on a hard surface so that it presses the wood fibers inward toward the core of the bat. D-BAT Sports only sells the highest quality ash bats, made from northern white ash trees only. 

Ready to explore what a new wood bat can do for your game? Visit us at a D-BAT Sports location near you to learn more about all of the wood bats we have available!