As a batter, there are so many things racing through your head as you step up to the plate. But are you thinking about the pitcher?

By knowing how to study the pitcher properly, you will likely see your hitting improve. Once you understand a pitcher and his style, it’s like unlocking a key to success.

Here are 5 things each batter should watch from the opposing pitcher:

Is the Pitcher Left Handed or Right Handed?

Understanding which hand the pitcher throws from will help you anticipate which way the ball will be thrown, the direction of the breaking ball, and more.

How Fast is the Pitcher at Throwing Each Pitch?

Study the balls thrown before you. What types of pitches are you seeing over and over? How fast is each one moving? Understanding a pitchers strengths and weaknesses will help you plan for your upcoming at-bat.

Can the Pitcher Throw Strikes?

Obviously, he’s got some sort of pitching skills or he wouldn’t pitch, but how accurate is he? Most baseball pitchers only have 1 or two throws that they can consistently throw for strikes. Determine what those are, and focus on those when at-bat.

What Do My Teammates Think about the Pitcher?

Not only is it a good idea to watch the pitcher, but ask around as well. What have been your teammates experiences with this pitcher? Their insights can be invaluable in determining your best batting approach.

What is the Pitcher’s Arm Angle?

Often the arm angle can give away what type of pitch is coming your way. Study the pitcher to understand his tells.

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