It’s completely normal to be nervous about an upcoming baseball tryout. Whether it’s a travel team or your local high school team, D-BAT Sports offers these tips for overcoming your fears:

Understand the Expectations
You’ll feel a lot better abut the tryout if you know exactly what is expected of you. How will the tryout go? What are the coaches looking for? Connect with a coach or trusted advisor who can coach you on what to expect during the tryout.

Become Mentally Tough
Don’t let your fear of failure overcome your thoughts. Every time you begin to doubt yourself, remind yourself that you can do this. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones such as, “I’ve trained hard – let’s how them what I can do” or “this process only makes me a better baseball player.”

Visualize Success
When was a time that you gave it your all to tryout for another team and you were successful?  What were some of the training techniques you utilized? What strengths did you showcase in the tryout? Recalling what you did to succeed in the past can give you a game plan for future success.

Don’t Overthink It
According to renowned sports psychologist Bill Cole, overthinking the tryout can really hinder your ability to shine. Instead, he recommends staying active, as physical activity will counteract any negative thoughts that might sneak up on you during the tryout.

A Warm-Up is Essential
Don’t underestimate the value of warming up before a baseball tryout. Not only does it get your blood flowing and muscles warm, but it helps get your brain in the right mindset to perform.

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