Three Common Batting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

At D-BAT’s premier baseball training facilities one of the number #1 complaints is that my child is not batting to their full potential.

There can be many reasons for this, but D-BAT has pinpointed 3 very common batting mistakes we’ve seen in our private batting lessons and how to fix them:

1.   Premature Wrist Roll

This occurs when a player rolls their wrist over before making contact with the ball, meaning the upper-hand is palm down and the upper-hand is palm up. The result: lots of weak grounders, particularly to the player’s pull side. 

How to Fix It: Using a Swingaway device or a batting tee, isolate the upper body movement and practice swinging through the ball slowly, with the proper technique in place. Notice the difference in loft when the ball is hit prior to a wrist roll.

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Teaching Plate Discipline: 3 Tactics You Should Know About

When children are first starting to learn the game of baseball, well meaning coaches often tell their kids to swing at anything.

While this may be great advice for younger baseball players learning to make contact, older baseball players need to learn plate discipline. But how do you teach that? D-BAT – the leader in baseball training facilities across the United States – recommends 3 tactics to teach plate discipline:

1. Take it to the Classroom

Before the season starts, take a day to train your players on what the strike zone looks like – without being on the field. Take it indoors, and show video of pitches. Have your players distinguish between strikes and balls. Once you feel comfortable with their knowledge of the strike zone, then move to hands-on training.

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The Benefits of Ash and Maple Baseball Bats

Finding the right baseball bat for you or your child can be tricky. At D-BAT’s premier baseball pro shop, we have a wide variety of wooden bats to choose from, perfect for children 5-6, on up to adult sizes.

But why should you consider a solid wood baseball bat instead of a typical aluminum bat? D-BAT offers the following benefits to ash and maple baseball bats:

Benefits of Ash Wood Baseball Bats

In general, ash would bats are the lightest wood type, meaning they create the most flexible and most forgiving wooden baseball bats. Other benefits of a new ash wood baseball bat include:

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Overcome the 2-Strike Count with these 5 Tips

Batting against a 2-stike count is no fun.

Striking out and feeling like you’ve let your team, coaches, and family down is even worse.

At D-BAT – the premier baseball academies in the United States – our goal is not only to improve our players’ swing and fielding, but to also educate our players on the mental side of the game.

When our players find themselves batting against a 2-stike count, D-BAT offers these 5 tips to help them get back in the game:

1. A Foul Keeps You Swinging

In his former life, Cade Griffis – founder of D-BAT Sports - was a scout for the Chicago White Sox and a player for the

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