Coming Jan. 2018: New Baseball Bat Standards

New baseball bat standards are coming to youth baseball next Spring, but players, parents, coaches, and more are already wondering about the changes and how it affects them. As the best baseball training facility in the US – and a leading bat retailer – when wanted to provide a little more clarity so you can be prepared for the Spring 2018 season:

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Baseball Drill of the Week: Increasing Arm Strength

Baseball players of all skill levels – professionals and little leaguers alike – know the importance of a strong throwing arm. Weak muscles and improper stretching can lead to inaccurate throws, or worse, injury like dead arm syndrome.

Try this baseball drill to improve arm strength and accuracy. It requires a partner for each baseball player and each step should be done in order to maximize baseball arm strength development:

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This local baseball academy will grow 100% this year, and expand to China

When Cade Griffis walked across the stage at D-BAT's annual franchise owners meeting, the CEO was overwhelmed at how many faces he saw in the crowd.

"Wow," he thought. "This has really, really grown. And next year, it will be even bigger."

Griffis started D-BAT in 1998 with his brother Kyle Griffis and Craig Penfold. D-BAT is an indoor baseball and softball training academy that offers private lessons and camps for young players looking to improve. While the average customer is 12 years old, D-BAT has many older customers that will just come in to hit balls like you would shoot hoops at the YMCA. The academy boasts several major leaguers as alums, including Dallas native and Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw.

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